Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bare-ing it all...

Alright. Not sure where to start this one so please try to keep up with my rambles.

Over the last few decades women have taken vanity to a whole new level. We are wearing fake hair, dying our eyebrows, perming our eyelashes, toning our butts, enlarging our breasts and just when we thought we'd perfected ourselves we decide to become hairless from the neck down.

While many women have gone away from a full ... bush... shall we say... and have opted for the french bikini or 'landing strip' more women are now choosing to go completely bare. I myself am a certified body sugaring professional so I have many clients including myself that would rather have it all gone. It feels better, it's more hygienic but of course we do it primarily because our sexual partners prefer it. Not to mention sex feels better for us too... in my opinion.

So with society progressing to have such high physical expectations on women we can't seem to avoid the increased expectations on men right?!? So what are we as women now expecting from men? Six pack abs replacing those beer bellies? Not likely. How about a full head of well styled hair instead of receding or balding hair lines? Nopers. It all seems to come down to personal grooming aka 'manscaping.'

Men have learned that if they are 'manscaped' they are more likely to see an increase in action. This includes trimming their arm pit hair, removing the hair off their backs and chests and trimming their nether regions. And that ... for me ... would be enough.

Now back to me being a professional body sugar practitioner. I recently had an email inquiry about my services. I was thrilled to expand my clientele and responded asking what services they were interested in. Turns out it was a man... and he was interested in having a Brazilian!!!! WTF!!!! I responded and said that I did provide that service ... didn't mention I'd never done one for a man before ... and listed a price ... inflated of course. He agreed and booked an appointment. Here I am 2 weeks later, on the eve of his appointment and I find out he's 50 years old.

So my question is this... what possesses a man of that age to bare it all? Why now? Why not shave? Am I in for an appointment with a pervert who's going to expect a happy ending?

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