Monday, January 17, 2011

Only girl in the man's world

For the last 5 years I have found myself in a job surrounded by men. In fact I happen to be the only woman in my place of work and have been since I started. But working with 17 men day in and day out has taught me to adapt to this man's world mentality and so far I'm surviving.

I've learned to have thick skin... or at least appear to. Men are not nice. Men do not sugar coat anything. They don't think before they speak and they don't think about how a woman is going to feel after they tell her to not have that chocolate at Christmas time because it will go straight to her ass. Or how she'll feel after they ask her what she did to her face when she gets her eyebrows coloured. It's like they've all got a permanent case of verbal diarrhea.

I've also learned that there are certain triggers for each man to get him to do what I want. Just as a dog trainer will eventually find out what motivates a dog to obey I have worked to find each man's motivator. Most men will do what I ask because I have breasts. The right shirt or sweater can distract them long enough to agree to anything without really listening. But since I don't advocate using sex to get your way all the time I have been experimenting with a few other options. This one guy will do whatever I ask and in a timely manner simply by me saying "if you don't know how I'll ask someone else." Pride is a motivating factor to him.

Another thing that I've learned is men seem to think that a woman in an office must just be a secretary. Even though I have an office ... with a door and 2 windows .... men seem baffled that I actually do more than just answer the phones. They really seem to have no comprehension at the importance of my role. Almost as if I am only there to make them coffee and copy their god knows what since half of them don't know how to use the photo copier.

The best part though of working with all men is that they all stick up for me. Through all the troubles I've had in the dating world I have always known that when I get to work I have 17 men who will step up like brothers and fathers and sometimes creepy uncles. And no matter how much fun they may make of what I wear or what colour my eyebrows are I know that when I get dumped or cheated on or blown off by some douche they're going to be there to make me feel like I never deserved that guy anyway. Kidding... they've been there to help pick me up of my ass, dust off my broken heart and know that one day a man who deserves me will sweep me off my feet and I'll live happily after all. Then they ask me if I could show then just one more time how to get the copier to double side.

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